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Our value system today causes few girls to feel good about their physical appearance. Even Miss America and Miss Universe competitors will admit, if they are honest, that they are aware of their physical flaws. If those who are blessed with great beauty deal with a poor self-image and a lack of confidence, then, logically, a beautiful appearance isn’t the real source of a good self-image. True beauty and confidence radiates from the inner person outward. Total Image covers practical, hands-on activities to build confidence in the areas of clothing, hair, posture, skin care and make-up. It teaches skills for social situations, public speaking, etiquette and making friends. The heart of Total Image, teaches how to find true identity in Jesus Christ and build "God-confidence." Learn biblical principles on modesty, forgiveness, dating, love, and living a balanced life. Total Image can be used individually or for a group.

Youth Leaders: Have you been searching for a workbook that will attract teenage girls to find the source of their true identity and build a healthy self image? Are you looking for an outreach program to teach girls how to dress, act, and develop godly characteristics in the area of body, soul, and spirit? Total Image is the perfect book for you.

Teen: Do you compare yourself with others? Do you feel is some way you do not measure up to the standards of others? Do you want to feel better about yourself, inside and out then Total Image is your answer.

"Lynda Murphy shares the lessons learned of this critical topic of self-concept with passion and compassion that comes when the Spirit of God moves in a heart. God has gifted Lynda to communicate the beauty that one has as a creation of the Lord's with the fervor of the Spirit of God. I have been blessed to work alongside as well as observe this wonderful servant of the Lord be used to bring truth to women, and thus healing in their lives. Total Image is a needed book at this time when young readers are searching for their true identity." Ken Sheets, Youth Pastor 27 years, Current Pastor of Adult and Family Ministries

"Lynda Murphy exemplifies inner and outer Christian beauty. Total Image is a must-read for young girls and for the people who love them. I wish it had been available during the years I counseled preteen and teenage girls and their families."                               Linda Phillips-Jones, Ph.D., Psychologist and author

"As a teen, growing up can seem like it takes a lifetime. Every moment of every day is either completely chaotic or dreadfully boring. You never know what you are going to get. From perfect poise to face shapes, from enlightening stories to the facts and consequences about premarital sex, Murphy's book has helped me in so many ways. Shopping is so much easier knowing my "season" and "clothing personality. The quizzes are short, easy and simple, yet so informative and shockingly accurate. After reading this book I can confidently say that I am an all-around better person inside and out, in the world's eyes and most importantly in God's eyes."                          Karysa Voelz Trombly.

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"You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old (George Burns).

Do you wonder what the future holds for you as you age?
Are you becoming the kind of person you want to be? Do you want to avoid the pitfalls that often happen to people as in the second half of life? Why do some seniors become sour old people, while others stay reasonably sweet, maturing gracefully, using their abilities to be helpful to others? Lynda Murphy explores the importance of attitude, resilience, realistic thinking, gratitude, and friendship as we age. She presents scriptural references on how to erase negative self-image and painful youth experiences, transforming them into feelings of self-worth so that a person can walk, think and act confidently, letting inner beauty shine, and finishing with a life well lived. 

In a heart-felt and personal way, Lynda Murphy pens the wisdom she has garnered from the peaks and valleys of her own life, and from honest discussions with many other women who are in the second half of their lives.

In addition, with forty years of experience in the image business, the author, offers advice about keeping up an attractive appearance, in regards to hair, makeup, and fashion that compliments various figure types. Adding a bit of humor, she make us smile as we identify with the aspects of growing older.

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